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Love Demonstrated

This summer has been a great summer. We had the largest group of interns staffing our five summer camps. These twenty individuals were the most servant hearted people I know. They worked for more than sixty hours a week with positive attitude and initiative to love the youth they met.

On Sunday nights when we share where we have seen God during the previous week, I am always touched by how amazing God is. The interns see God each week through the kids, the StreetLeaders, the families of the kids, the community, and each other.

We had an intern that had a special bond with one of our most troubled children. He missed out on a field trip because he was sitting out with this child restraining him from hurting other kids and staff. The child even bit the intern. This child’s mom would not come and pick up this child so the staff needed to watch him. At some point, it took three staff to restrain him. We ended up expelling this child from our camp, but the intern was heartbroken. They had a special bond. The intern understood the decision, but his love for the child he met for only three weeks brought him pain because he knows this child had many issues that such a young boy had to experience and this was beyond what we can provide help for.

This touched me greatly because it would have been easier for the intern to get rid of a troubled child but because of his love for this child, it brought him pain. This is what God’s love for us is like. He doesn’t want to get rid of us because we are difficult but it hurts him when we are not close to him. Thank you God for your amazing love!

by:  Julia Li, Inter Director

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