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Arrival of Hope

Textbooks lying around, book bags piled up, donations of pencils & tissues, it’s that time of the year. This time of year around the Urban Promise school/office is strangely quiet. “The calm before the storm” is how some might see it. But for some kids gearing up for the Urban Promise Academy, they rather see it as the “break of the storm & a breath of fresh air.” This is the overall mentality as students come in with their parent for Academy interviews and entrance meetings. I listen as parents share horror stories about their child’s academics and then reply that finding the Academy was an “answer to prayer.” The one-on-one attention, Christ-centered environment, high expectations, and hands-on learning have potential students and parents smiling at the arrival of hope! There are a couple of key things that we need to get our year started off though. If you can help out in some way in addition to praying then please e-mail jeff@urbanpromise.org.

  – 2-3 classrooms and 2 offices – PRAISE FOR LOCATION PROVIDED just in time to start school!!
*Ti-82 or above Graphing Calculators (new or used)
* Lab goggles and aprons
*Post-It Notes
*People willing to sponsor & make the food for one of our “Thursday Empowerment Lunches”
~Empowerment Lunch involves a local professional coming in to speak with students

Jeff Thompson
UP Academy Head of School



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