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Discovering Passion through the Academy

After a trip to learn about extreme poverty at HOPE International, one of our Academy students was inspired to seek an opportunity to serve others.  Hear in his words about the trip:

Will, why would you want to go to Haiti?
“During a trip with the UrbanPromise Academy to HOPE International I really discovered the passion to go out and want to be a part of a life changing experience. As we were there, they took us on this journey through the lives of people who are living in poverty. HOPE International is lending a warm welcoming hand to these people in their time of need. So, seeing what they did inspired me to want to go out and lend my hands too.”

What will you be doing in Haiti?
“We will be going to Carrefour, Haiti. Because of the 2012 earthquake that just happened over there, there is a lot of work to be done and a lot of people in need. We will be over there to help rebuild the community and spread the Word of God. Also, we are going over there to learn from the people to see how they handled their trials and tribulations.”

How can I help Will?
for Will’s experience and the people of Haiti;  pray for the impact this trip will have on Will’s life, as he shares with his fellow Academy classmates and his Wilmington neighborhood.

Donate –  this trip will cost $1300 and needs to be raised by June 14th.  If you  value the life changing journey of a missions trip, please consider helping Will.
Donations by check can be made out to:  Gallery Church, 1500 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231. Attn: Josh Smith. Just include a small note that says it’s for Will Massado Haiti trip, then drop Jeff Thompson, Academy Director,  an email to let him know a check is in the mail.



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