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Camp Promise – Shining Through Challenges

Praise the Lord! As some of you know, Camp Promise has been a bit nomadic ever since we were forced to leave our old location on 3rd Street. Although we don’t have a permanent place, God never ceases to amaze me by providing for us through hospitable church members willing to extend the love of Christ.

This year Camp Promise has had amazing interns who came ready to love and serve God, the kids and each other. Their sacrifice, hard work and devotion paid off in more ways than they’ll ever know.

Our streetleaders were brand new but that didn’t stop them from jumping right in. Their enthusiasm set the tone for camp and with some guidence from our excellent teamleader, they grew so much!

One of my staff members in particular, Niaeshia, has been at camp Promise for years. We were short on interns which meant as assisstant teamleader, she had to cover the recreation class. It was only supposed to be for two weeks but that quickly turned into the rest of the summer. Although it’s not her preference she took it with grace and had a great attitude. Neesha, as we call her truly blessed those children and myself by teaching a quality class. In addition she made an effort to unify the staff by organizing an activity outside of camp. Her leadership and example flourished to the betterment of Camp Promise this summer. She’ll be heading off to DelState in the fall. While we’re all proud, her presence will be dearly missed!

By Vanessa Church, Camp Promise Director

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