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Camp Harmony – Feeling Blessed

Camp Harmony was so blessed this summer. We had a great location established, but two weeks before camp started the church told us they could no longer accommodate us. Through the efforts of prayer and our team leader, Pere Gaddis, Camp Harmony found a new location at The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew (SsAM). We were blessed with a large amount of indoor space, as well as air conditioning, and a newly established church partnership.

This summer we taught the kids all about the book of Psalms. We looked at King David and how he messed up but lived his life devoted to God. We focused on the book of Psalms, God’s word, God’s works, God’s people, worship & praise, and God’s son. Our summer staff included Marva, Benton, Dominique, Loren and Kristy. Marva brought her dance/step skills to camp and taught the girls some amazing step routines. Benton, a former volunteer from spring break work groups, taught the kids Bible and helped pick up our middle school students from Southbridge and the west side. Dominique brought her crazy dancing skills, and taught art and some of the Bible classes at the end of the summer. Kristy, a returning summer intern, made the switch from last summer working at Camp Freedom to this year working at Camp Harmony. She taught Remix and used her teaching skills. Loren Boyd, a co-director of Camp Harmony, brought her StreetLeader/team leader experience and helped create a great community with our StreetLeaders.

Miss Dominique (our art teacher), taught Bible the last week because one of our interns had to leave early. The last day of her Bible class, she showed movie clips about Jesus being crucified and how people realized that he was the Son of God. She talked about how Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead. Around 30 or 35 kids prayed to God for the first time, or recommitted their lives to Him. Praise God that kid’s lives were changed! Also praise God because we were asked to have Camp Harmony back at SsAM again.  

By:  Jacque Wolf, Camp Harmony Co-Director


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