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Spring Break Road Trip

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Ever go on a road trip or family vacation that started a dream for your life?  Our students have a chance to take a trip that just might do that.

Students in our after school programs will travel to Arkansas – home of Camp Freedom Director Kristin, or to the Washington, DC and Virginia areas – home of Camp Victory Director Bethany and Camp Truth Director Deborah.  The children going on these trips earned the right to go by good behavior at camp and participating in the speech contests.  For many, they have been looking forward to this chance for the whole year!

A grandfather whose grandson went on a spring break trip last year shared, ” I’m a carpenter.  What made me a professional was my hands on experience.  That’s what these trips are like for our kids. They’ve never been anywhere, seen anything.  They need to see places, to touch it for themselves, to know that they can do things and go places, that they don’t just have to hang around the corner the rest of their lives.  It’s like getting an education but having fun too.”

To make these trips possible, we need help from our supporters.  At each destination we rely on the kindness of hosts to keep costs down as well as build community.  Join this community by supporting a piece of this adventure.

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