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D.C. Spring Break: Day 1

The day was busy, but God has blessed us with safe travels and beautiful weather.  He could have calmed the wind down a bit, but we are now safe in the homes of those who have blessed us with a warm place to be.  The kids were amazed at the size of so many things they’ve read or been told about.








“It was really cool that the WWII memorial had a star for each 100 people who died or were missing during the war” -Malcolm

“I liked seeing Delaware on the thing at the WWII and looking at the Pacific and Atlantic parts of the war.” -Ohara

“Martin Luther King was so big!  All the things he said were cool to read too.” -Chaka

We also stopped at McDonalds for dinner.  Thanks for all those who supported us with that!  Click HERE for the blog to donate for another part of our adventure

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