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Spring Break Life Change

Check out these stories of life change from our After School Program Spring Break Trips!

Camp Hope – A Home Away From Home by Joel Orr, Director

This spring break was literally a break for Tyrone*. His family has been homeless for the past 4 weeks. Every night 10 yr. old Tyrone, his two younger siblings, and his older sister are wondering where they will be sleeping at night. After writing and giving a speech, and earning his way with good behavior, Tyrone was invited to come along on the spring break trip to Washington D.C. but, Tyrone’s mother could not come up with the $50 to pay for the trip.

I live today to tell about the amazing work that God has done over this spring break, and he did it through strangers who did not even know Tyrone. An UrbanPromise sponsor helped Tyrone’s mother pay the $50 fee.

On the trip, Tyrone was able to stand where MLK Jr. gave his speech, boat on a lake, go to the best zoo on the East Coast, be 200ft. down in the Luray Caverns, and hear the Word of God each morning in our devotions. The host family in Northern Virginia literally provided Tyrone with a roof over his head; for a whole week Tyrone didn’t have to think about where he would sleep at night.

*name has been changed

Camp Freedom – Lessons Learned by Kristin Walker, Director

Janiya did not want to climb Pinnacle Mountain. At first, it was her feet. Then, it was her knees. Then, it was her fear. She called both of her parents and complained about having to climb a “dangerous and scary” mountain. I looked down at her, not knowing what to do. I asked God, “okay, God, what would Jesus do in this situation?” I knew He would want her to make it to the top. So, I waited and I wouldn’t let her give up.

Then, I realized that God was teaching me through Janiya’s fear of climbing. I get pretty comfy myself sometimes; I don’t want to do the scary, hard things. I want to stay where I am, thank you very much. God never gives up on me and never lets me give up onmyself, and He knows the view is SO much better from the top. He waits for me and encourages me. By golly, Janiya made it to the top! On the plane, she was sitting next to a “stranger.” I had to smile when I heard her tell him proudly, “We climbed Pinnacle Mountain.”

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