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A vision for college…and beyond

Hereʼs what some of our StreetLeaders had to say about their experiences on the College Vision Trip this year:

“I would recommend this trip to my friends because I feel it gives you information to base your college choices on, and gives you the chance to ask questions in person. Itʼs also a great way to explore and get out of the state… New Orleans was fun, and the food down south is great!”

“The trip was valuable because it gave us an outlook on the college lifestyle. I was surprised to learn that many colleges we went to didnʼt have out-of-state fees.”

“After finishing this trip, I can say that Iʼve been to 19 states – a lot of them because of UrbanPromise. Iʼve been given lots of opportunities in my life which shouldnʼt let go to waste. College is the next step. I would say that if you are thinking about college or have never travelled, you need to go on this trip.”

“It was interesting to learn the great history of the HBCUʼs (historically black colleges & universities) that we visited, and the people who studied there like Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver. I would recommend this trip because you get to see things you wouldnʼt see in Delaware, expand your thoughts and find the college that fits you.”

THANK YOU to the many supporters that contributed to help make this trip possible and for the vision planted in the hearts and minds of these students.


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