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College Trip to UD was a blast!

55 UrbanPromise kids took over the University of Delaware campus in mid-November!  3rd-8th graders, who have written essays about college and showed good behavior, were able to go with 19 staff to explore campus, hang out with students, and learn what college is all about.

They got to experience college with a tour given by InterVarsity students, ate at the cafeteria, went ice skating, and learned 16 fun facts about what our very own staff have experienced in college (everything from traveling abroad to folk dancing lessons, to the different types of learning environments).

Thanks to UD’s InterVarsity and InterGrad for helping on campus, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church for giving us a place to sleep and eat breakfast, and Mr. Chris and Mr. Dave for transportation.  This trip could not have taken place without each of you, as well as those who gave financial support.  You have put college in each of these kids as a place they feel comfortable with and know a little more about.

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