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Camp Hope’s Christmas Party

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A wonderful Christmas Party

4 Staff and StreetLeaders
1 Volunteer with pizza (and helping daughter and son)
1 Camp Sponsor with cookies to decorate (and 2 helping sons)
1 middle school camp

Let the kids run around a bit outside, just to let them breath from a hard day at school.  Divide the group in half.  Take the volunteer with pizza, thank her more than she can take, and let half of the group eat.  When they’re done eating, let them cut snowflakes to send to the new Sandy Hook Elementary School building to decorate.  Use the middle school students teach the other half the story of Christmas, with pictures and full participation.  After about 30 minutes, switch your groups.

After both groups have heard about Jesus being born and the people who came to visit Him, eaten, and the floor is covered with paper cuttings, let small groups at a time decorate cookies to take home to their families.  Entertain the others with Bingo and more snowflakes.

Mix in prayers all over the place and scripture with a beat, and you have 26 kids, 6 middle school students, and 2 younger siblings who had fun and know a little bit better the true story of Christmas.

Special thanks to Lisa and Mary for all they do to love Camp Hope and UrbanPromise!

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