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Bible Drill ’12

One Night, 6 camps, 70 KIDS and a wonderful group of volunteers and staff can only mean one thing… a sucessful Bible Drill!  Students competed in their knowledge of 8 scripture versus they worked on memorizing (most with a tune or beat to them) and a competition of how quick they could get to a verse.  The kids did so well, and we were impressed by how much of God’s word they put into their heads.  Here are a couple quote from the kids on their way home…

“We had fun singing, and playing games, and I had fun.”

“I didn’t know I knew that many Bible versus!”

“When is the next Bible Drill?” (you had  that much fun?) “It was awesome!”

The 16 winners will receive a Bible with their name imprinted on it.  We look forward to those coming in the mail, and handing them out at camp… keep an eye out for that story!

Special thanks to City Church for helping out in the rooms with the kids, providing snack, and helping with the Bible costs!

Thanks to all of you who also helped to raise that money!  They should be arriving any day.

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