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Rio Carnival!

This year the Urban Promise School is taking an imaginary trip around the world, visiting each of the continents as part of their World Culture study. Mr. Harvey Zendt an experienced educator and world traveler is our tour guide for this course of study. Thus far we have been to Africa, North America, Mexico, Canada, and various countries in South America on this whirl wind tour.

Last week our tour guide was none other than Mr. Rob, who lived there for three and a half years! The children learned some phrases of greeting such as, ‘Tudo bom’ and ‘Tudo ben’. These are Portugese words used frequently to say ‘All is good’, and ‘All is well’ when folks meet each other throughout the day. We learned about the rich agricultural lands that produce the world’s most coffee, sugar, and orange juice. Students tasted crackers with a guava spread, sugar cane juice, orange juice from Brazil which arrives at the Port of Wilmington weekly, and a soda made from berries found only in the Amazon forest.

The children learned that the largest river and jungle are located in Brazil with fish so big that they are hunted with bow and arrows. More gemstones are found in Brazil than anywhere else in the world which Mr. Rob showed examples of for children to see and hold in their natural state. They saw the largest statue of Jesus in the world extending His arms over the city of Rio de Janeiro from high atop a mountain overlooking the city that will host our next Olympics.We all learned that the ‘Mango season’ is Brazil’s springtime when the festival of Carnival is celebrated with parades, music and samba dancing.

The best part was not only hearing the music but seeing Mr. Rob dance while playing a native instrument to demonstrate the real gusto of Carnival in the streets of Brazil! All of our students left the class with a beautiful fresh orange, and new insights into another part of our wonderful world, brilliantly depicted by Mr. Rob. Urban Promise School is truly blessed to have such an enthusiastic, dedicated and fun loving leader who loves both our children and the Lord. Thank you, Mr. Rob! We are grateful this month for a school that offers such dynamic learning opportunities to its students with the help of our dedicated faculty and hard working volunteers. Please keep all of them in your prayers each and every day.

Written by Catherine Dolan, Head of School

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