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Harvest Festival Fun

     On Wednesday, 10/31 all of the students and teachers enjoyed a special visit from our friend Chef Paul. This was his first visit of the new school year. His focus was on the nutritional value of the pumpkin, which was a perfect fit for our Harvest theme. He prepared whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin stuffed ravioli with a cinnamon/maple syrup topping. Students were amazed at how delicious and versatile this fall vegetable can be.

After lunch each class lined up on the playground behind their artistic presentation of a class pumpkin. We had awards for the most creative, scariest, funniest, inspirational, coolest and overall best UP pumpkin. Students love this decorating challenge.

     Our own D.J. Mrs. Rhonda Raines a time of line dancing led the next event of our festival. Our playground was filled with folks young and old dancing their hearts out to the lively tunes. Finally, our PTO president Quinn Jackson distributed the Candy-Grams that everyone purchased prior to the festival. Each Candy-Gram came with a personalized message from the sender and a Tootsie Roll pop. What a perfect way to end our day!

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