Toronto or Bust!

Camp Promise and Camp Victory are headed off to Toronto, Canada for spring break!
We will be gone April 6th-11th.
Kids at the top of the CN Tower in 2011
Through trips like these, we are able to build relationships with the kids that lead to transformation.  We desire to give them a vision to see all that God has created, not just have the limited view of Wilmington.  Going to another area, learning more about that area, they are able to see a bigger picture and experience new things.  Have you ever been as high as the CN Tower?  Its tall!
Our kids also get to have the powerful experience of Christ’s love through his people opening their hearts and homes with our kids.
To make this trip possible we need to raise $2000, and we’ve already raised $1,000.
We need you to partner with us by covering…
$50 for a tank of gas (1000 miles round trip)
$10 for one child’s meal
$32 for a City Pass to see Casa Loma, CN Tower, Toronto Science Center, and Toronto Zoo
$175 for 14 kids to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play

Its our turn!
Send us to Canada!


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