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UrbanPromise has launched a new program:  UrbanTrekkers.

The mission of UrbanTrekkers is to be an outdoor, hands-on, up-close learning and mentoring program, where the world is our classroom.

Our Goals are to:

  • Instill a love and respect for all creation and better understand our role as the Earth’s stewards.
  • Expose UrbanPromise youth to the natural world by way of outdoor adventures.
  • Provide a setting in which young people and caring adults can connect to share experiences that will change how we see the world today, and our place in it tomorrow.
  • Build self-esteem and improve self-worth in the lives of students and help them acquire the skills they’ll need to be successful.

Trips are planned around five key elements – outdoor adventures, cross-cultural experiences, community service, environmental awareness, and historical perspectives.   Leadership training and teaming building activities are incorporated into all events.

More information about our upcoming trip see:  Canadian Winter Adventure

For more information on the UrbanTrekkers program contact:  Larissa Bergan or James Russell

2 thoughts on “UrbanTrekkers

  1. Sounds great! Wasn’t this idea floating when I was there? Glad it’s finally come together. Blue Sky Fund, a great organization here, does something similar, and it has gone well.

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