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Trekkers Day Trip to the Mountain

Sunday, we went skiing with 12 students, 2 trekker alumni, 3 volunteers and 3 staff. We left at 5 am!

All 12 students were first time skiers (5 snowboarders and 7 skiers)! Everyone made it back in one piece! We had a few close encounters (running into a pole, jumping off the lift too soon, and slipping on the ice) but praise God that no one was injured.

This was my first UP Ski Trip; what an amazing experience! I found it amazing watching Simon, who has so much struggle in life, persevere and keep getting back up after each brutal fall. I witnessed the fruit of many hard trips that went before me.

Both of the alumni were pouring back into the program; working with students that were struggling to say the least. Wanting to give up as they absorbed many frustrating falls, the alumni and staff kept pushing them to get back up and keep trying. One of the Alum who started out as one of those students, wanting to quit a few years ago, ended up helping a current student who needed some encouragement. By the end of the day the Alum took the beginner up to the top and led her in conquering

-Aaron Orr
StreetLeader Director

See more pictures on Facebook HERE   her fears. What an amazing opportunity that God made possible!

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