Projects to Adopt

We are looking for a few good men and women!  We have a few small, weekend-warrior type projects that could be adopted by skilled people and were wondering if you might be interested.

Email me back with your interest.  We are looking to start tackling these projects sometime in the next 45 days or so.

Deborah Holcombe
Facility Manager



  • Benefit:  Often many of our staff and volunteers leave while its dark, and the lack of lighting provides pockets where are staff and volunteers are not as safe.
  • Problem: Many lights around the outside of the building are currently not functioning
  • Need: Someone to trouble shoot why they are not working, and invest time into problem solving.

  • Problem:  As our students and others come in and out the front gate, theres a section of ground that doesn’t have a a proper path.  When it rains, a puddle often forms and mud gets tracked in.
  • Need: Remove wooden step that continues pattern from slate tile / panel and replaces span of dirt for walkway.
Create Ventilation for PreK Room

  • Benefit:  Creating a classroom where the students can come and learn in a place that reflects that they are important and have value.
  • Problem: Currently, when there is a lot of rain, the Pre-Kindergarten classroom gets a mold smell.
  • Need: There is an absence of proper ventilation below the classroom ceiling to the outside, so they purchased materials to install ventilation.  Some materials may be available to accomplish this task.
AC Units not working

  • Benefit: As the summer comes, AC units become more of a benefit for our staff, volunteers, and the Camp Freedom kids who call the building “home”
  • Problem:  Pipe was taken off the units and they suffered damage due to exposure to the elements.
  • Need: Vacuum out moisture, bolt copper tubing to wall.
Water Damage at the bottom of a wall

  • Benefit: Create a room that does not draw attention to the brokenness, but all the good that is going on inside of it.
  • Problem:  water comes in on the bottom of the wall.  Gives a reason for the wall damage on the bottom.  Not sure the cause
  • Need: someone willing to problem solve, and investigate when its raining where the water is coming from.
Replace Toilet with Power Flush

  • Problem:  A bathroom in one of our staff houses has a reoccurring issue with the toilet due to all the people who live in the house.
  • Need:  toilet purchased and installed
Drain Pipe Crack

  • Problem: when there is to much water going through the pipe, it often leaks.  The water than goes down the side of the wall, and causes further damage to the wall as well as the area at the bottom.
  • Need: The pipe needs to be dried, a sealer needs to be put on it, and something added to hold it together.

Front Porch Repair

  • Benefit:  Creating a home for our interns and staff to come home to that they feel proud of and don’t constantly walk past a problem
  • Problem:  The corner of the porch’s boards often get warped and pop out due to the weather.
  • Need: Some boards replaced or added.

If you have any questions on interest, please contact Deborah Holcombe (Facility Manager)

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