UrbanPromise School

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The UrbanPromise School (UPS) is a Christian school where student education includes high academic standards, a safe environment, committed teachers, small class size, and a commitment to leadership development.

Mission – Equipping Children through Christ in academic achievement, life skills, and leadership.

Eligibility – The Following requirements must be met to be eligible for acceptance:

  • Parents/guardians must commit to work with the school for the student’s success
  • Students who have a desire to learn and be a good citizen

Why Enroll at UPS?
UrbanPromise School equips students to reach their highest potential through relevant, innovative academics and transformative relationships.  A UPS education features:

  • Christ-centered education in small classes
  • experiential learning and trips
  • music, art & physical education
  • UrbanTrekkers program (environmental science)
  • agricultural and nutritional education
  • Common Core Standards curriculum
  • affordable tuition
  • Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • high quality academic instruction
  • iPad instruction
  • committed, experienced and dedicated teachers

Admissions Procedure 

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How long has the school been in existence?
UrbanPromise School has been in existence since 2002
Is the Bible taught in this school?
Yes, UPS is a school committed to Christian education.  Bible is taught as a major subject just as math or English/Language Arts.
Is there a uniform requirement?
Yes.  We want to ensure that our students focus on learning instead of clothing as well as prepare students for expectations related to professional attire that future organizations and employers will have.
What is the cost of tuition?
Our goal is to bring the benefits of a private education within reach of urban families.

UrbanPromise School Staff  

Rhonda L. Raines – Principal – [email protected] 302-425-5502
Shannon Roberson – Assistant Principal – [email protected]
Denise McMillan – Administrative Assistant – [email protected]  

Theresa Cameron – Kindergarten- [email protected]
Tonia Koehler – 1st Grade – [email protected]
Bianca Jones – 2nd Grade – [email protected]
Meloney Burris – 3rd Grade – [email protected]
Anna Werley – 4th Grade – [email protected]
Shannon Roberson – 5th Grade – [email protected]
Faith Watts – 6th Grade – [email protected]  

UrbanPromise School offers its programs to students regardless of race, gender, color, creed or national or ethnic origin.