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SpeekUP Writing Night

What happens when you put 55 kids together with 55 volunteers?

On January 25th, StreetLeaders and children from UPW’s five After-School Programs were paired with volunteers for SpeakUP Writing Night. The goal? Write a speech about an African-American or Latin-American historical figure to share with parents and judges at the UPW Speech Contest in March!  Giving a speech is hard, but there is a reward!  For children in the after-school program, a trip to Washington, DC over Spring Break! For StreetLeaders, a College Vision Trip and Civil Rights Tour through Georgia and Alabama!  

Most importantly, children and teens get to share what matters to them. They know they have a voice in the community, and that is the MOST important reward of all!

“The snacks were good! The volunteer I worked with was funny and helpful. I’m excited for the speech contest because sometimes I stutter and I need to slow down, and I know I won’t get boo’d.
This is a loving community.”
-Kenton, 5th Grade, Camp Freedom & UrbanPromise Elementary School

Here’s How You Can Get Involved!

You, too, can encourage, mentor, tutor, and support a child or teen in an UrbanPromise Program:

What Else is UPW?

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Calling Summer Interns!

  • We are now accepting applications for the UrbanPromise Summer Internship, an eight-week, immersive ministry opportunity in which you will learn, grow, and experience the amazing children and teens of Wilmington.

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