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What is a coach?



If you go to a 5th grade basketball game for UrbanPromise, you’ll see some players and maybe 3 coaches on the sidelines with a slew of people in the stands.  If you go to practice on Monday or Thursday night, its a bit of a different story.


Last night there were 7 coaches for the 12 young men and women.  First one there was the 3rd/4th grade teacher from UrbanPromise School with middle school student turned assistant coach at her side.  To old to play on the team, he comes to help.  Both Camp Hope’s director and newest intern were next through the door.  Rounding out tonight’s crew were the Sports Ministry Director,  a current StreetLeader, and a graduated StreetLeader home from college on break.  Tonight’s number… 7.  But there are more.  A volunteer who comes down from Philly, another middle school student learning what it takes to be a coach, and a few others who the kids know they can count on.

What does it take to run a Sports Program?  Coaches like these guys who encourage the kids with their words and by just being there.

This works for a group of 12… but what about 40?
If you are interested in helping with Saturday morning’s practice/games, let Luke Orr know below…

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