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The trip we didn’t deserve…

DSCF9020Najae and Diamer (both at Camp Hope) were excited to share about their latest adventure.  1st and 2nd grade kids at the camps went on the annual Sleepover.

Najae: I love bowling with the leaders and watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  We got to meet people from other camps!

Diamer: We ate pancakes, bananas,  and juice for breakfast.  It was good and we got to play in the gym.  It was the best trip ever!

DSCF9131I asked them who they would like to thank and they both gave similar responses, saying Camp Hope and Miss Emily.  “I want to thank them because they didn’t have to bring us on this trip,” Diamer said.  Najae followed it up with “We didn’t have to do this trip, but God loves us.”  That’s understanding grace at an early age!

Thank you to Faith Presbyterian Church and their youth group for being part of our family and doing so much for this trip to happen!

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