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Summer 2019 – That’s a wrap!

As the kids piled back onto the buses after All Camp Day, leaving behind a trail of balloons and feathers, the summer began to officially come to an end.

All Camp Day is an amazing sight to see; over 400 kids, teens, interns, and staff fill a room. Having just spent six weeks at one of six UrbanPromise Wilmington summer camps, they came together on the last day to celebrate one another. Each camp took a turn in front of the crowd to perform their rap about Psalms (the theme for the lessons this summer), as the rest listened and cheered them on. Between that, the games, and the songs, it was a fun and exciting day!

The StreetLeaders, teens who work as camp counselors, were honored for their hard work and going above and beyond. Each year, the kids jump and scream as their leader, their role model, has their name called.

All Camp Day is one day out of 29 days of camp, but it’s the day that sums it all up!

Thank you to our interns, staff and StreetLeaders who work tirelessly to pull these camps off.
Thank you to our donors who provided meals, supplies, and the finances to make this possible.
Thank you to our volunteers who come and support just when we need you.
This is a team effort, and YOU are part of the team!

See some clips for yourself on WDEL here

Find more pictures on Facebook here

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