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Meet Our Interns

Each summer and school year, individuals join the UrbanPromise Wilmington family to serve as interns.  They are provided food and housing, and a small stipend to cover their basic needs.  This school year, we are excited to welcome 4 UrbanPromise Wilmington Interns and 4 UrbanPromise International (UPI) Fellows into our community.  Here’s a snap shot into who they are, and we encourage you to get to know them more if you’re volunteering with us or at our Banquet on Oct 25th.

John Kathuri (Kenya – UPI)
Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes and Chicken
Favorite Hymn: Amazing Grace

I’m here for a fellowship program with UPI. I’m doing my MA in Organizational Leadership with Eastern University.  I’m excited to experience a new culture, new climate, new systems of running things.  I’m hoping to learn more leadership skills and new culture too.
Amanda Hope Smith  (Wichita, KS)
Favorite Food: chicken tamales 
Favorite hymn/song: I can only imagine by MercyMe
I am here, because I felt God wanted me to stay here longer than the summer and serve Him in Wilmington. This is a big change in my life path, but know that God has a greater idea of how I can be a part of His mission.
Isla Meyer (Nottingham, PA)
Favorite Food: Bacon
Favorite Hymn: Lord I need you

I am taking a gap year and I came to UP on a mission trip; I decided to come back. I feel like this is where God wants me to be.  I’m excited to experience new cultures and build connections with people!
Giftie Umo (Nigeria – UPI)
Favorite Food: Ekpang Nkukwo (A Nigerian meal common among the Efiks and Ibibios)
Favorite Hymn/Song: Hillsongs In Christ Alone & Will you Anchor Hold In the Storms of Life.
I am here as a fellow of UrbanPromise International to gain essential leadership and organizational skills needed to run a non-profit organization in my local community, that addresses the needs of girls who have experienced rape, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and other harmful practices against the girl child.
Sarah Atai (Uganda – UPI)
Favorite food: Rice, Chapati & Beans (Uganda) & Lasagna (in America)
Favorite hymn/song: Great is thy faithfulness 
I am excited to experience refreshment of a sort, meeting old friends and new ones. I hope to learn how to be a better leader in my master’s program and to serve and give back.
Ashley Spence (Toronto ON, Canada)
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Hymn/Song: Kia Kaha (New Zealand worship song)I am here to serve in a community other than my own, and bring what i have learned from being apart of and working with the kids in Urban Promise Toronto, to the city of Wilmington.  I am hoping to learn the true value and importance of working and living in community. 
Jo Hulks (Scotland)
Favourite food: Pasta 
Favourite hymn: Holy God (by CityAlight) 
This place seems to be a bit addictive for me – I’ve come 3 times now & have never been quite sure why! I think the context pushes me to know & feel that only God really is my all and that his way is not to seek perfection but to seek grace.  I’m excited to be part of an intentional Christian family, living in a different culture and opportunities to love people. And experiencing my first thanksgiving! 


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