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Lets go to the beach!

When learning about ecosystems in science class, it’s one thing to read about it on a page and look at pictures but its another to experience it in real life.  UrbanPromise School’s 5th/6th grade class went on an adventure to Avalon, NJ to spend time with our dear friend, Mr Harvey.  They were studying ecosystems in science class, and decided to see in real life all the types of communities you can find at the beach where animals, plants, and humans are in relationship with one another.  This adventure included a scavenger hunt to find signs of plants/animals/humans, a look into the marshes, digging and eating oysters, a look at the migratory patterns of birds, lessons in fishing, and (of course) some time playing in the water and a surfing lesson.  This will be a lesson not quickly forgotten!


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