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Kicking COVID – Day 11 in Photos and Quotes

“I love school on the computer! Can we do this all of the time?”
-Tom, 1st grade

“I thought being quarantined would be interesting….uh uh.”     
– Giftie Umo, 2nd year Nigerian UPI Fellow, locked down in UP Staff House 

March 26, 2020


  • Staff are feeling it! Pray for them!
  • Our parents are grateful, but they’re feeling it! Pray for them!
  • Our children’s effort has been heroic! Pray for them!

Dear Friend,

            The gap between what Tom is feeling and what Giftie is feeling is called innocence (quotes above). The longer we can protect our children’s innocence, shield them from the Pandemic, and provide normal rhythms and relationships, the better. You, Giftie, and I are the adults. It’s not interesting anymore. But let’s protect the gap for our children.  

     Hero is a badly overused word these days. But today, I Zoomed into our UrbanPromise Academy (UPA) High School circle time to share with all our students. It was pure joy to see them. They want to be there. The teens in our high school are old enough to make this work or not, and they are choosing to make it work. I feel that choice is heroic. I want to make it work. You want to make it work. “It” is Kicking COVID together. Let’s follow our teens’ example.

     More tomorrow, but I thought it’d be fun to send a quick UPdate of Quotes and Photos.

Thanks and be healthy!

Academy Students working alongside Teachers and Tutors

“I am so grateful for UP, thank you for your patience with me in all of this, I’m so glad my child will be able to join the classes.  And yes, I will continue to pray for the teachers, I can only imagine how hard this is for y’all.”     -3rd grade parent

“I really appreciate you more then you know, your videos are informative and you are always available to answer my questions… Thank you”     –1st grade parent

Top Left: 1st grade girls enjoying ‘Take Your Pet to School Day’
Top Right: 4th grade gathering for class

“I really appreciate y’all, I talk to a lot of people and their kids don’t have this, there schools are not doing anything. You all are really doing a great job!”      –Parent of two students
(note: All schools are trying, but I am proud that our schools are leading the way!)

Top Left: One student learning through plating seeds; responsibility by taking care of it and patience to watch it grow.
Top Right: Student getting work done in her home office.

“Called a parent we’ve been trying to connect with, and finally was able to get her.  Her tone was not too warm. I let her know I was calling to see how we could be of help to her family and her tone got a little warmer.  She stated she is really stressed. I related to her and told her that I understand, I have 3 kids at home. I told her we have been praying for our parents and her tone was even more welcoming. She said she really appreciated that.  I asked her if her child had a laptop, she didn’t.  I told her we will make sure she gets one today. She started thanking me and blessing me.”     
Rhonda Raines, UPS Principal

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