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An Intern’s Story: James Ho

I did UrbanPromise for of two main reasons. First of all, I loved their vision and purpose. I loved what they were doing in Wilmington, and I wanted to experience it all first hand and learn from everyone there. The second reason was a guy who was working there named Jeff Thompson. I got to know him and just really enjoyed being around him.

There are so many funny memories from my time at UP. I think one of them would definitely be the time I got people in the house to shave my hair into a mohawk. It was a lot of fun as a house to do something crazy and random like that. Needless to say, we didn’t quite have the right tools so it looked kind of funny, but it was great to do it for all camp day and surprise the kids from my camp.

36823_459029270357_7525974_nA memory that has made a lasting impression was one of my first experiences in Wilmington. I was walking around the neighborhood with another intern and ran into some people. They started swearing and cursing in front of us, and one person shushed them right away and said, “You can’t do that in front of them. They’re from UrbanPromise.” She then looked at us and said, “Thank you for all the work that you do!”

That summer was pivotal in helping me think through what professional ministry might look like in my life. I think it was because of my time in Wilmington that I was finally able to answer God’s call in my life.

40312_419192032370_639191_nJames Ho
Camp Harmony ‘10
InterVarsity Staff at Duke University



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