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Each year StreetLeaders have the opportunity to go on a college vision trip.  Last year, Chris was one of those students who took advantage of that opportunity.  This year, he was chosen thru hard work and dedication to participate in the United Kingdom recruiting trip (as pictured in the photo).  These trips give our StreetLeaders the vision of what might be for their lives.  Speaking of the college trip last year Chris said, ” I thought I wanted to go to college, but this made me more confident, I could see myself being at these schools we visited.”

Over spring break, 8 high school students will have a fresh opportunity to visit over a dozen colleges, along with museums, and civil rights sites, along with a powerful peer building journey led by senior staff.  Over the years no single activity has had such great effect in inspiring our kids to see college as real.

Another 2011 participant, Jaequon said, “ I didn’t even want to go to college, but the trip opened my eyes to what college could be.  I thought college would just be more high school.  But being on the campus, seeing how it is, it felt so different.  It made me excited.”

Jaequon’s mother noticed.  “I saw a big change in how he felt about college.”  She also said the trip encouraged her as well and mide it easier for her to motivate him about the preparation college would require.

Blending the trip with the civil rights history of the South has a powerful effect.  “Seeing where things actually took place, like the bridge at Selma, it was hard.  It made me feel for them, how they struggled and fought for us.  I felt motivated, like I need to take full advantage of what they did for me.”

“Opened my eyes…no excuse…I want to succeed…”  When our kids have vision the don’t perish.  They strive, they work, and the overcome.  Consider how you can come along side them in this journey by helping sponsor this trip.

(post excerpted from a letter from out executive director, Rob Prestowitz)

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