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6 teens and 4 staff took on a hike around Susquehanna State Park in the beautiful fall weather for the day.  Adventures like this stretch the minds and skills of us, and that’s especially true for the teens in Wilmington.  This is one of those opportunities we all have to take a deep breath, clear our heads, and laugh with friends.  They don’t come often, but when they do we have to grab them!  Teaching them to do just that may be the hardest part, but it has definitely hooked some of them.  The best parts are the relationships built.  It doesn’t matter if its a director and his StreetLeader, or a new StreetLeader and their TeamLeader (a teen who leads the rest), it creates an opportunity for them to trust one another and have a shared experience that improves their relationships in all parts of their lives.  Not to mention, its good exercise!

Are you interested in helping to take teens out of their comfort zone and or experience new things?  Contact Gabe Harvey, our Trekkers Director for upcoming events, and sign up as a volunteer here to mentor/tutor one of these incredible teens.

See more pictures of this adventure here!

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