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UrbanPromise Academy students explore the historic Lincoln University

UrbanPromise Academy (UPA) was founded in 2010 to seek a full life for the students in local Wilmington communities. The two larger goals for their students are to be a Servant Leader in Christ and to graduate from a 4 year College/University or something of the like.

Recently, UPA students got to visit and tour Lincoln University, the nation’s first historically black college and university, on what was a beautiful day.

Lincoln University was founded in 1854, and has since attracted a large interracial and international student body. The main campus is built in the heart of southern Chester County in Pennsylvania, where UPA students got to spend the day.

UPA students explored LU’s campus, experienced a college dining hall style lunch, and enjoyed presentations from on-campus clubs. This trip also allowed UPA to see what Servant Leadership looks like on a college campus, and give them the ins and outs of graduating from such an institution as Lincoln. 

“We were especially struck by the student that toured us around,” said Joel Orr, UPA Director. “Many of our students’ main take away was ‘time management,’ and the ability to stay focused on being a student and completing work that is assigned in higher education.

“We felt very loved by Lincoln U and the staff of LU was strategic and partnered us with students that aligned with the mission and vision of UPA,” said Joel. “Our whole community in Christ has a deeper understanding of what it will take to ‘graduate from a 4 year institution’ and we were able to feel the heartbeat of LU.”

Thanks to the team at Lincoln University for hosting UPA! It was a great trip that aligned with UPA’s goals and strategies. UPA hopes to tour the university again in the future and build on these new horizons.  

About UrbanPromise Academy:

UrbanPromise Academy was founded in 2010 to seek a full life for the students in our communities. Our mission as a school is to equip our students, through Christ, with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth, and servant leadership. Through partnership with students, parents, and committed staff and volunteers, UrbanPromise Academy offers a rigorous, Christ-centered educational experience for students from 8th-12th grade. To achieve this, we provide small class sizes, one-to-one tutoring, and a well structured, safe learning environment. https://www.urbanpromise.org/academy

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