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Summer Supplies Needed!


UrbanPromise offers 6 weeks of free summer camps at 6 locations throughout the city of Wilmington. We fill each camp to capacity, with a total of over 450 children, youth, StreetLeaders® and college interns.

Our curriculum this year is based on the fruit of the spirit. What an amazing book of the bible! Our 6 weeks are packed full of powerful lessons. Camp structure includes bible lessons, recreation, crafts and academic support.

Urban Promise needs your help to provide craft and recreational supplies for the kids!

Below are ‘bundles’ of items that we need. Please contact Lori McClain lori@urbanpromise.org if your group would like to collect a bundle.
Due Date: June 15

Camp Supply Bundles

A- 6-3’x4′ Dry-Erase Boards, 6-packs of Dry Erase Markers, 6- Erasers and Dry Erase Spray Cleaners
B- 6 Brooms with Pans and 10 Plastic Laundry Baskets (no higher than 1.5 feet)
C- 24 General Playground Balls (like 4-square balls) and 12 Footballs
D- Taken
E- 20 packs of Black Sharpies (standard ‘fine’ tip)
F- 20 packs of Color Sharpies
G- 6 Large Post-It Chart Pads
H- 60 Boxes of Color Markers (Crayola) and 60 boxes of Color Pencils
I – 7 Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpeners
J – 6 Plastic Table Clothes and 6 Flat Top Sheets queen size, solid color
K – 12 bottles Baby Oil and 36 packs of Tissue Paper different colors
L – Taken
M – 12 Cases of Bottled Water
N – 12 Cases of Juice Boxes
O –  24 Packs of multi-color Construction Paper and 70 Glue Sticks
P – 60 Foam Balls and 18 Hoola Hoops
Q – 60 rolls Masking Tape – assorted sizes
R – 60 rolls Painters Tape – any color
S – 24 Soft Footballs (small nerf-like or foam) and 24 Orange Cones
T – 40 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer (12 or 20 oz.)
U – Taken
V – 24 Rolls Paper Towels and 8 Beaded Double Dutch Jump Ropes (about $14.95)
W – 6 Spalding Basketballs: NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball, Orange, size 7/29.5 Inch
X – 6 Youth Basketballs: 27.5 inch and 3 Mesh Sports Equipment Bags with Adjustable sliding drawstring cord closure
Y – 6 Intermediate Basketballs: 28:5
Z – 100 Ball Point Pens and 10 Boxes of XL Black Garbage Bags
AA – Taken
BB – 12 Jumbo Bags of Candy (like from Costco) that is not chocolate or hard candy (choking hazard)
CC – 30 bags of Plain multi-color Latex Balloons and 30 bags of Water Balloons
DD – Taken
EE – 100 Sheets of White Poster Board
FF – 100 Sheets of Multi-Color Poster Board
GG – 12 African American Baby Dolls (under a year)
HH – 6 boxes of Food Coloring and 6 Large Bags of M&Ms
II – 24 Highlighters and 12 packs of Toy Snakes (small)
JJ – 6 bags of Snickers and 6 Jars of Gerber Baby Food
KK – Taken
LL – Taken
MM – 6 New or used Adult-size Men’s Robes in solid color (like Moses would wear)
NN – 6 Adult size crowns (like Pharaoh would wear) and 1 Pack of Infant Diapers (small)
OO – Taken
PP – 6 Rubber Snakes (medium) and 6 White Gloves (3 pairs should do)
QQ – 6 Plastic or Rubber Frogs that hop
RR – Taken
SS – 12 boxes of Matzo Crackers and 6 Large Bags of Skittles
TT – 24 packs of 8 oz. Paper Cups and 24 packs Bathroom Size Paper Cups
UU – 1 Bag of Potting Soil and 12 Large boxes of Raisins
V V – 12 Cans of Men’s Shaving Cream and 12 boxes of Plastic Spoons
XX – 18 Large Plastic Water Spray Bottles (often found in lawn department)
YY – Taken
ZZ – Taken

Recycled Items (as many as you can collect):

Recycle – 60 (or any amount) Empty 2 Liter Bottles

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