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We did it!


The boys cheered last night as they reached their goal… theDSCF9147 challenge set by Coach Andrew and Coach Luke of 25 baskets in two minutes during a drill.  Prior weeks, the middle school boys made 23 shots during the dill that required them running half court, while passing the ball to 2 other teammates, and making a layup at the end.  After the first couple of discouraging tries, the guys started to act like they would never get to play 3 on 3.

Your attitude and your effort, that’s all you can change.  That’s all youDSCF9068 have control over.  This is always the lesson with the sports ministry program and always the battle we face, both with the boys and with ourselves.

After a couple more tries the battle was won, the boys had worked as a team, and they made their shots.  One boy ran down the court so ecstatic you would’ve thought they just won the state tournament.  These are the things that make a difference in their lives.


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