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End of the Basketball Season

DSCF9074I know five men who are leading by example!  I sit back and thank God that my friends are showing kids and teens how to be responsible, respectful, and positive.

And they’re doing it through basketball.

Last week I asked my kids to raise their hand if they were thankful that Mr. Luke started the basketball program. Hands shot up across camp. My kids just LOVE the basketball program and they’ve gotten up for the b-ball clinic and games that have run from 8-12 every Saturday morning for the past couple of months.
What’s something that you’ve learned from playing basketball?  Hands shot up.

“to encourage others”
“to not give up on my team”
“to have a positive attitude even when losing”
“to pass the ball”
“to cheer for the other team”
“there’s no “I” in team”

I thank God because I’ve really gotten to witness the kids doing this out on the court. But as Coach Luke says, these lessons are for life, too. It is SO beautiful to see the kids working together out there, not just trying to make every shot they can, but passing the ball and making decisions for the best of the team.
DSCF9107The camps’ coaches have worked with over forty students relentlessly, accepting nothing but their best. It hasn’t been easy and has been such a sacrifice for them – giving the early part of their Saturday every week, for no extra pay, when their schedules are incredibly jam packed as it is. This program is straight up grass roots.

With the help of WorkTeams from ORU and Cornell, they had awesomely creative trophies for the championship team. Individual students were awarded for being positive, making plays, encouraging others, hustling, and showing excellent leadership.

I’m fairly positive that if someone gave me a million dollars right now, I’d build Luke a gym right in the city where he could run his basketball program. In the meantime, I’m super thankful for the school and organization that shared their facilities for this awesome and life-changing program.

~Kristin Walker


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