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An Intern’s Story: Rachel Shin

DSCF9250I first went to UrbanPromise because I heard a lot about it from friends in my Christian fellowship at James Madison University.  I love working with kids, so I took the next opportunity I had for a spring break trip. I met a lot of great people and the work we did on this trip stirred something in my heart that made me want to come back again as an intern. It took a lot of courage personally to walk across my comfort zone line but once I did it was a life changing adventure!

425178_1622479733208_452181331_nA lasting memory I have has to do with the conversations I have with people.  Any time I talk with someone or just run into someone from UrbanPromise, the first and last thing that happens is that I get prayed for and loved on through not their own love but God’s love in them. That’s probably what keeps me going back again and again, the fact that this community is a prayerful one!

I have personally learned A LOT from all my experiences with UrbanPromise; whether it as an intern or leading a spring break trip. I can say that it has helped me in finding my identity in Christ and I know that He is always right there by my side no matter what. From my experiences I have learned that I cannot do many things but through Him I can do more than I thought possible!

Rachel Shin
Camp Promise ’11 & Camp Amen ‘13
Graduating with Masters in education from JMU May ‘14


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