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An Intern’s Thursday Morning

     My name is Ashaba Moses, an intern from Uganda. As interns, we help out in the UrbanPromise School class rooms Thursday mornings and I assist Ms. Heath in 1st grade.  Ms. Heath is one of a kind.  She is presumably the most hands on teacher I have ever met. I enjoy assisting her with all these great projects she has prepared for her class, some of which I never got to do as a kid growing up in Africa (for example, i have learned about the great mornarch butterflies and their migration patterns and the rise and extinction of dinosaurs).

Today we painted different land forms from paper mache.  I enjoy the creativeness and the great times in her class.  My great experiences range from tying shoelaces, zipping up coats, to walking them down the hall way in a super straight line.  I guess you know what that takes for a first grader!

They tell me all these hilarious stories… they eat Chinese food for dinner everyday… they flew and came back from space with a green ranger. It’s all fun!  Thursday has turned out to be a source of inspiration for me during the course of my long week.  It’s a time for me to venture into what my childhood looked like at some point. I get to sit and learn on a first grade level with all these great kids.  I love working with the first grade class.

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