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Free Summer Camp! Help keep it free!

Each summer UrbanPromise offers 6 weeks of FREE summer day camp in the underserved, under-resourced areas in Wilmington. We are expecting camps to be at capacity (about 300 children and youth), a full team of StreetLeaders (30 in total), and college interns fromacross the country and around the world (about 20 – 25). Our camps run from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.  We believe our camps are not only more affordable than anything else around, but they are the best quality.

In order to make these camps great, once again, we need the help of many people who care about children and teens in the city. The list below shows how you, or your organization can sign up to provide a few basic supplies (keeping it simple…we have bundled supplies together – your group can just focus on getting us all of the duct tape or all of the glue that we need.)

Help is also needed for meals for interns and StreetLeaders at various dates and times.  Contact Lori at lori@urbanpromise.org for details.

Please contact Julia at julia@urbanpromise.org if you are able to donate these supplies!

Or donate financially to support a child or StreetLeader, sponsor the bus for a field trip or sponsor the a whole camp!

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Camp Supply Bundles – Due Date:  June 14th

D – 50 rolls masking tape and 50 rolls duct tape
E – 20 pads of chart paper and 30 packs of construction paper (multicolor)
N – 5 dodge balls and 10 4-square balls
O – 5 timers, 25 packs of regular balloons, and 25 packs of water balloons
P – 5 decks of playing cards and 25 stamp pads (assorted colors)
Q – Seamstress to help make 25 praise dance skirts and banners
R – Fabric for 25 praise dance skirts and banners
S – Freezepops (350 for one day)
T – 15 sets of fabric markers
U – 150 sets of watercolor paints
V – 20 sponges and 300 aluminum pie plates
W – 50 rolls scotch tape and 20 packs of index cards (any color)
X – 5 plastic buckets and 5 heart-shaped cookie cutters
Y – 5 bags of sugar and 20 boxes of wax paper
Z – 10 bags of M&Ms and 20 bags of large marshmellows
AA – 5 bottles of light corn syrup and 20 bottles of light soda (7-Up or Sprite)
BB – 15 packs red licorice lace and 10 large bags of assorted wrapped candy (like from Costco or BJs)
CC – 100 feet of medium width rope
DD – Box or Oscillating Fans to help keep summer camp classrooms cool ( 10 needed)

Recycle Items that everyone can collect

Corrugated Cardboard • Magazines and catalogs
Clear plastic lids (like from deli containers) • Fabric scraps
Yogurt or margarine containers • Coffee Cans
Wood scraps assorted shapes • Paper Towel Tubes

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