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First Pres. Church of Honesdale 2012 WorkTeam

For four years, First Presbyterian Church of Honesdale, PA has found its way down to Wilmington to serve our community.  The team worked really hard at being open with each other and the kids.  From day 1, returning and new team members found friends.  Bonds were formed between campers and workteam, StreetLeaders and workteam, staff and workteam, and workteam with themselves.

One returning team member prayed for months before that there would be open hearts on both ends, and hoped to truly connect with a kid.  “I was received and they were open and I was loved.”  An amazing connection happened with her and a StreetLeader.  It was strong enough that the high school boy was sad to see this mom that he knew for a week from north-east Pennsylvania leave.   Now THAT is real community and really connecting.

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  1. So glad that Urban Promise is here in Wilmington, Delaware. I have thanked our Lord so many times for the opportunities that are given to spread the Word of God to our young ones. I pray that many more will reap the benefits of learning and growing through this wonderful work of God. I have watched lives being changed and I only witness just two of your camps, and only one of them on a regular basis. I commend all staff for just the little time that I am able to watch and listen. Teachers are great, Youth Leaders are inspirational and the children blossom. witness-

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