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Thanksgiving Dinner for 370

1479262_702165289794006_1728249164_nThat’s right… 370 seats were filled last Monday by staff, kids, families, and volunteers all intertwined into UrbanPromise.  While the room was filled, it felt less like a crazy party and more like a big family meal with all of the extended family.  Thanks to the Resurrection Center for opening their doors to us.  They have been so gracious and helpful in allowing us to use their space. Darion is a man who works there, gathered ALL the chairs, and handed them off to Dan Hamill, who managed the dining room and servers, and has done so for the last 5 years.

1473031_702165449793990_1656027780_nNights like this could never be pulled off without an amazing team of help.  This event has been organized for several years by Tammy Hamill and cooking for the 3rd year by Chef Daniel Malzhan (Christ Community Church and Amtrak).  Cornerstone Baptist Church and others donated  turkeys, while Red Clay Presbyterian Church covered all of the pies.  Christ Community Church has always been a huge supporter of the event from food to supplies to volunteers, and we would not be able to do it without them.  A crew of volunteers from The Journey, Willowdale, Eyes of God, Hair is our Passion Salon, Christiana Care, Bank of America, and many others with friends and family did everything from cook, to serve, to clean.  Wouldn’t you have liked THAT service on Thanksgiving at your house?

If you or your church would like to get involved with one of our family like events,
contact Samantha Hindman (Church Relations Coordinator).

1466262_702165133127355_226107164_nmany of the amazing volunteers

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