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Paddle for Promise : Donate Now

Paddle for Promise brings together hundreds of paddlers to
fundraise for summer jobs for at-risk teens in Wilmington.

UrbanPromise Wilmington employs 60 at-risk teens in Wilmington this summer in our StreetLeader Job Training Program. We are the largest year-round employer of teens in the city.  Teens are provided with on-the-job training, leadership development, mentoring, tutoring, and college preparation.

Your support of Paddle for Promise gets teens off the streets and into provides on-the-job training, leadership development, and builds character and self-esteem. Teens aren’t just employees but serve as role models from youth in their neighborhoods. They are provided with round-the-clock support as we guide them through school and into college.

How your gift helps teens in The StreetLeader Program:

  • 100% of UrbanPromise StreetLeaders graduate high school vs. 68% students in Wilmington
  • The YMCA prefers to hire teens with work experience with UrbanPromise, stating that our teens demonstrate exceptional leadership, character, and initiative.
  • StreetLeaders are 3 TIMES more likely to attend college than peers in their neighborhoods
  • StreetLeaders are 5.5 TIMES more likely to graduate college than their peers

“Working at UrbanPromise is based on building a family that will always be there, encourage you, mentor you, and keep you focused.”    Michael (2017 StreetLeader)

“As a StreetLeader I am excited to be a role model and to help kids. When I was a kid in camp, StreetLeaders gave me perspective and were my role models. They helped me with my homework and gave me tips to stay focused on school and disciplined me when I needed it, but also loved me.” Alicia (2017 StreetLeader)


Event Details
Paddling from Trenton, NJ to Ridley Park, PA
Departure Time: 8:45
Arrival Time: ~2:00-2:30
30 miles

Our fundraising goal: $30,000 

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