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Paddle for Promise 2020 Victories (click here to find our more)

First off, THANK YOU to all of our paddlers and donors for being a part of the 2020 UrbanPromise Paddle for Promise!! We praise God for a wonderful event with beautiful weather, a fast flowing current, safety for everyone, and a tremendous turnout and support! We are grateful to each of you for your time and love. 

We had a total of 70 paddlers on the river and have raised over $85,000, which will support our teen StreetLeader program!

Here are some of our paddlers we’d like to highlight for a variety of reasons:

1) Here are this year’s fastest paddlers!

The Fastest Kayak – John Singer!! – Finishing in just 1 hour and 8 minutes (a new UrbanPromise Wilmington record!)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Paddle-2020-3-940x638.jpg
The Fastest Canoe – Don and Reed Coats!! – Finishing in just 1 hour and 6 minutes (another record-breaker!). This team had 3 generations in 2 canoes, with Don and Reed (Grandpa and Dad) crediting technique to squeaking out a win over their speedy teen team of Owen Coats and Jeffrey Day. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is C3807CD8-F29A-4AE4-A028-AC7F0C2915F5-1-940x618.jpg
2) We also calculated speed and took off time based on how much money their raised. Here are the combined winners:

The Canoe Combined Winners – Blair and Trey Jones – with a score of -113 minutes (how is that even possible?!) Go Blair and Trey!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Paddle-2020-Trey-Jones.jpg
The Kayak Combined Winner – Blair Althouse – with a score of  -64 minutes. In other words, he finished the paddle an hour before he started 🙂 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Paddle-2020-Althouse-2-940x670.jpg
3) The Team with the Mostest: the mostest paddlers and the mostest total funds raised: Go With the Flow – from the Christian Life Center (CLC) – 13 paddlers and a total of $15,968 raised – Team Captain, Mike Woodin – GO TEAM!!!This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 8E35221A-B789-4197-91E7-6A64C0A44B59-940x697.jpg
4) The Youngest Paddler and Three Generation Winner goes to the Rich, Andrew and Hayden (almost 4 years old) Kurz Team!This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EBF7CF73-24FF-40BF-85ED-E5F1BA7FD232.jpg
5) Best Looking Team –
Goes to the Straight Off the Couch Team, Susie Curran and Salima Watson, who reportedly landed in style while reading their magazines!
Paddle 2020 Best Looking.jpg

We would also like to thank some of the groups who partnered with us to help make this event a success and while keeping everyone safe:

  • Chase Boat drivers – Dave Sherman and Eric Blom
  • WYRA for hosting our landing site – Lou Salvadori
  • Food & water donors – Chick-fil-A Christiana for sandwiches (Luke Trader), Janet Self and Wawa (waters), and CLC (Gatorades and granola bars)
  • Photographers – James Russell and Paul Keenan

Keep your eyes open for more pictures from the event to come, and for Paddle for Promise 2021!
We hope you can join us!

If you weren’t able to donate, and would like to, you still can.

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