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England Recruiting

Over the past ten years 20 high risk teens from Wilmington, Delaware have been invited to join us on an intern recruiting trip to the UK; visiting colleges, churches and sights from London, to Belfast, spreading the good news of the Gospel as they have experienced it through UrbanPromise Wilmington.  The next trip starts Feb. 25, 2011.

The main purpose of the trip is to raise awareness about UrbanPromise in order to increase the potential numbers of interns to staff the afterschool programs and summer camps next year.

Some of the core benefits include:
• Sharing testimonies turns hard life struggles, with the power to restrict possibilities, in to awe inspiring stories with the power to change the world
• The one on one time with staff creates deep, long and transformational relationships
• Being in a different culture challenges every perspective, the world becomes your classroom; many of our youth have never left their city

Join us in this adventure by supporting this trip with your suggested financial contributions:

• $1000 – complete scholarship for one StreetLeader
• $500 – one way airfare
• $200 – meals for trip
• $50 – Tube pass

Download the complete England Recruiting letter and brief biographies of this years participants below.

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