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Camp Hope Welcomes Special Guest


Campers looked with confused faces, as they passed Office Robbins to enter the sanctuary in the middle of camp.  Faces showed a mix of ‘I think I know him’ and ‘why is there a policeman in here?’  When Mr. Joel (camp director) welcomed WorkTeam member, and special guest, Mr. Marty, the faces went straight to eyes wide opened and mouths dropped.  The kids knew Mr. Marty, because he spent a whole week with them not long ago!  For a group of people who don’t get to normally talk with cops on a fun level, it was especially cool to get to ask any questions they wanted, and they did!  Everything from ‘whats on your belt?’ to ‘how many people do you send to jail?’ and ‘why do you need a gun?’

Marty Robbins woke up and took a 3 hour drive from Honesdale, PA to explain his job and hang out with the kids in uniform.  “I put this uniform on, but its not who I am.  I’m a father, a husband, a friend, but first and foremost I’m a believer!”  When asked what advice he would give to kids who may want to become a police officer, Mr. Marty advised, “be honest.  Learn to get along with people and learn to talk with people.”

Thanks Officer Marty Robbins for driving down, speaking to all our camps, and supporting UrbanPromise Wilmington!

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