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“Dodge the bullet tour” – the Arkansas Spring Break trip

My dad named our trip the “dodge the bullet tour.” It was an interesting trip from day one. We arrived after a 12 hour day of travelling to find that our luggage had not joined us. My family washed our camp t-shirts that we had worn on the plane and we wore them the next day at Church. Despite being without their own pajamas, Easter outfits, etc, the children didn’t complain. I praised God for peace during challenging circumstances and beautiful attitudes from the children and staff.

On Monday night, we were enjoying time at Chuck E. Cheese, when my sister in law called and suggested that we evacuate and head to her house for safety from an approaching tornado. Eleven of us hid in their hallway downstairs under pillows and a mattress. The children weren’t too fond of my musical attempts to calming their fears, but I was amazed by their bravery and courage. I found it easy to trust my life in God’s hands, but harder to trust six children’s lives in His Hands. I praise God for peace and safety. He is our hiding place.

We also climbed a mountain, went kayaking, made a short movie, drove boats, went swimming, had a water balloon fight, ate snow cones, and taught various people the “Funky Chicken.”

All in all, it was a terrific trip. I gotta give a shout out to the wonderful kids who joined us and blessed us with their awesome attitudes and personalities. I also want to thank Moses and Chester for being so flexible and having such positive attitudes. Lastly, I thank all of the people who fed us, housed us, encouraged us, supported us, and helped us reach our goal. This trip did not cost UrbanPromise a penny! Praise God for an amazing trip.

By:  Kristin Walker, Camp Freedom Director

2 thoughts on ““Dodge the bullet tour” – the Arkansas Spring Break trip

  1. Kristin – It was a wonderful, fun-filled week for us despite weather complications (which could have been much worse). Thanks for sharing some of your beautiful, amazing, fun Promises and Interns with us. We will never forget them!!! As always, we love to see you in action and the loving interaction between you and your kids! Dad has already started planning for next year!
    LOVE YOU and look forward to seeing you again soon.

    1. Mrs. Walker, I think the BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to your beautiful daughter and family!! I have never met a young lady like Ms. Kristin who is so giving and loving all in one, all the time…I am so proud that my daughter has been blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by you and your family. Isis had a wonderful and memorable time in Arkansas. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us! Stay blessed! 🙂

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