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The Journey of a Speech

For weeks Jason has been afraid of the upcoming UrbanPromise speech contest. He’s been afraid of the whole writing process, afraid of working with volunteers, and terrified at the very idea of standing in front of a crowd and sharing his speech. For weeks he’s chosen to come late to camp so he can miss the entire speech writing part of the day. His speech has ground to a halt, literally adding about one sentence a week.

Camp Amen, where Jason attends, has a faithful volunteer, Mr. Tim. He has consistently been building relationship with Jason and pushing him to love God and take ownership in his life. Monday evening, UrbanPromise hosted a huge speech writing night with over 100 people in attendance. Jason, tempted by promises of pizza, agreed to coma along and work on his speech.

Mr. Tim, committed to Jason and his success, went along to the speech writing night and worked with Jason for the duration. Jason focused and worked with his whole heart, and was able to research, write and thoroughly practice his entire speech. He’s now ready to present his speech on the big stage and take the next step forward in taking ownership over his life and allow himself to be pushed to do hard things.

Camp Amen Director

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