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Professional Day with Camp Harmony

Camp Harmony went on a trip to visit CSols, a business in the Newark area, to commemorate MLK Day. They all put on their business outfits and prepared to meet some new people!

We got a tour of their office, met employees, and had a pizza party together.

The eight students who attended were selected from a pool of students who had a “mock interview” at after school program. These students made their case for attendance in the interview and because of their excellence, were able to attend!

It was a great opportunity for the students and adults alike to grow in vision. It was a unique blend of worlds. Students saw a bigger purpose in their hard work at school and what it can lead to. Adults heard more about UrbanPromise and the dreams and hopes that our students have.

A few highlights were seeing students play Foosball with staff in the break room, seeing great interactions between the staff at CSols and students, and delicious brownies to cap off the day!
-Than Peterson
Camp Harmony Director
…Words from the kids…
“I learned that you can work different types of jobs throughout your career.”
“The people from the office practiced hospitality and gave us brownies!”

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