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Planting Seeds

After a Bible lesson about Micah 6:8, Kyasia and I enjoyed a slice of pizza at the grocery store. Kyasia pointed out that a man was not doing “what was right.” “That man got a free cup for water and then he put Hi-C fruit punch in it. He didn’t do what was right,” said Kyasia.

“Yeah, you’re right, Ky.” I treasure seeing how seeds are being planted one by one. Not that we want our children to judge others, but to begin to identify the choices we make everyday to follow God’s rules or do our own thing.

Planting little seeds one by one. What a joy it is to hide God’s Word in our heart while teaching our young ones to “Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.”

We had to work on the word “humbly” instead of “humbaly”

“I like ‘humbaly’ better,” said Zabiah.

By Kristin Walker
Camp Freedom Director

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