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Night at the Museum

Let me give you some ingredients.

Take twenty-five 1st-5th graders and family, mix in four vans, stir up a Wednesday night with the Staff of Camp Hope, and top it all off the at the Delaware Children’s Museum. What do you got?

You got an energetic Camp Hope having a night on the town for Camp Night.

Let’s back it up a little bit. “Camp Night” is a reward night for one of the four small groups (4-7 kids) at Camp Hope. “Camp Night” is built in to the UrbanPromise structure. The only way to receive camp night is to earn camp night. The only way to earn camp night is to prove yourself, basically “let your behavior do the talking” as some of our staff members would say. So, when the kids got the news that the whole camp was going out, it was the “drum roll” and then pure excitement.

There is no question we love our children at UrbanPromise. There is also no question that arguably THE best way to love a child is discipline them. Camp Night is just one of many weapons we use against the undisciplined child. Amen.

Joel Orr
Camp Hope Director

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