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Jenga Nights

Anna Werley (UrbanPromise School’s 4th grade teacher) and her husband, Blake, hosted Camp Victory for camp night.  Camp night is a unique opportunity for a group of kids who are doing well get to spend extra time with camp staff one night each week.  While there are a variety of activities, each one allows the campers and staff to build relationships.
Blake brought an extra element with his carpentry skills to teach the students something new.  He provided wood and tools, and helped the kids make Camp Victory’s very own giant Jenga game. They were very excited to learn how and experience using a table saw.  Anna was close behind making sure they had the proper safety gear on.
Now, not only did they get to spend some time together, but the kids learned a new skill that they will feel proud of each time they break out the hand made Jenga game!
If you would like to host a camp night, Emily Kennedy would love to set that up with you with you!  Email her at emily@urbanpromise.org

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