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Do you dare to Math Dare?!?






My name is Matsiko Ernest, I am from Uganda, and I work at Camp Hope.

     Last night was an awesome night for me.  I got to see all the kids from all camps (Harmony, Freedom, Truth, Hope, Victory, and, Promise) come together for the Math Dare.  What I witnessed is that ‘practice makes perfect.’  I enjoyed seeing the children do math with confidence, and above all, the love for the work they were doing.  Then came the ice cream treat!  The biggest and longest I have ever seen! We had the children digging into it generously.  I bet some were praying; “…if only these spoons would turn into shovels… and the plates, huge bowls!”  One could plainly see that they loved it, and of course, I loved it too!  Thank you to the Curran family for providing this for us.  The most interesting part in Math Dare was the way children related to their camp leaders.  I loved it because it showed me trust, and I believe through trust, a child will always love and be loved. Thank you every one reading this story, because you are the reason I am writing it. And thank you Urban Promise Members and supporters for making this happen. I am also most grateful to God for the love he shows children through projects like this. It happens once a year, but, builds a lot of skills in children. Be blessed as you bless the “little ones”.

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