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Camping with kids

This weekend we took 9 kids into the woods for a long over-night.  Camping was great and I could not have done this trip by myself. One of the things I loved the most was watching Luke Orr work with the kids. There was a time while we were getting our camp site organized and Luke had one of the boys in the woods teaching him how to use a saw and hatchet . The next time I found him there was a whole group of kids surrounding him and each of them had a tool in their hand. Let me tell you, when we left the next day the kids and the forest did not look the same as they did when we got there. God really knows how to use every moment to bring glory.      ~Salima Watson, Camp Harmony

2 thoughts on “Camping with kids

  1. What a great opportunity. So proud of you and that you are getting to experience the outdoors and God’s creation with these kiddos. I am sure they are as much of a blessing to all of you just as you are to them.

  2. What a wonderful experience! Good job Salima, Aaron, Bethany, Luke and the rest of the Staff that went on this trip! The experience you are giving these kids will forever remain in there memories! BRAVO!

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